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Thousands of people all over the world have been injured in mine accidents. This boy lost his leg as he stepped on a mine while collecting metal scrap

To make sure that the right depth and width of the working lane is achieved, the deminer uses his tools to measure his work in the lane. In this task, the deminer excavates the top 20 cm layer of the highly metal contaminated soil

Deminer Imam Gul and Said Rahman from Danish Demining Group are lining up and getting ready to start their work on TV Hill in Kabul

The environment in the mine fields is not always optional. The deminer work slowly and methodically in order to ensure the safety on site. Each lane is quality controlled by the section leader. TV-Hill in Kabul

Mine Risk Education (MRE), a woman training class close to Bagram. The MRE teams are providing the communities with information about the risk living in a contaminated area

At teacher of Mine Risk Education (MRE) and villagers from Ahmadjan. A village located close to mine field 45 km north of Kabul.

Mine Risk Education (MRE)

Village-by-Village clearance operations. Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) operator Ajmal is announcing the Teams presence outside of the village Dakow Ye Payan close to Kabul. EOD Teams are systematically clearing village after village in all appointed districts and provinces

In all villages, local volunteers are trained in Mine Risk Education (MRE). This to be able to do retraining and inform all villagers of the hazardous environment whenever it is needed. Most boys in the class room lost one leg in a mine field

A man in Bagram cuts up the wood collected during the day. On the wall behind him is a painted code from the deminers; red and white. Red is the colour that marks out the dangerous side, and the white colour marks out the safe side. In this picture it means that this side of the wall is cleared, but not the inside of the compound

Mahmood, an 8 year old boy living in a refuge camp outside of Ahmadjan village, went out to collect metal scrap in order to earn money for new shoes. He stepped on an unexploded ordnance and lost his leg

A Kuchi shepherd is leading his cattle to where food is available. Many times that is in the old battle fields where the presence of UXOs and mines are high

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