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Jonathan (L), Clara & Emilie (R)

Nina lives in the Hot Potato in the Blue Caramel. She moved to Christiania in 2005 where she ran away from her education in order to dedicate her life to the freetown. Nina dreams of becoming a captain of a zeppeliner

Punker Dennis is a cook at the vegetable store downtown Christiania. Inge, the Panda lives in the Cosmic Flower. When Inge was 17 years old she ran away and became maid for Margaret Thatcher. Inge is also a tailor inspired by Japanese design

Jens is gardener and painter. He makes sculptures and gets his inspiration from cirkus at the front row. Jens has travelled the Seven Seas but went ashore to dedicate his life to his art

Ditte and Frederikke on Freetown Christianias 35th. birthday

The Woodtroll Niels lives on the Rabbit Mountain in an old military shed where he has put up a sign saying he is looking for a wife. Niels is keeping the area around the vegetable store clean

Rikke is gardener and lives in Rock Is Better Than A Fulltime Job. Luna works at the Moonfisher and lives in The Ark of Peace. They have dedicated their lifes to the Freetown. Luna is a loud speaker at the joint meetings

Walter lives in the Starship at the Milky Way. In 1974 he teamed up with a straydog. They found a room in Christiania where Walters ability as electrician became useful. Walter is representative for his area and responsible for buildings and infrastructure

Kim Larsen is homeless and hangs out in Christiania. He often gives a hand at the local bar

Las Feas is a theater group from Catalunya. They perform as gypsies in the old cirkus style. Las Feas that means The Ugly has just split up. Maria is having a baby while Mireia is searching for her love of live

Don Corleone is from Qutdligssat in Greenland, but his body and soul lives in Christiania. He believe to be a reinkarnation of Alexander the Great. Don Corleone is longing for his past which is why his roar if often heard throughout Pusher Street

Zid lives in Buddha-Lounge. He works at the bath house and is the cashier of his area. In the 80s he was a squatter but 8.8.88 he moved to Christiania. Eske is a goldsmith, designer and old school skate boarder. Together they fight for legalization of cannabis

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